Recommendation – Post Harvest

Recommendation – Post Harvest

Recommendation Objective:

  1. Capitalize on input returning plant-available nutrients.
  2. Soften plant debris more consistently to increase seed emergence.
  3. Improve soil structure, increasing early-season drainage and improving water holding capacity.
  4. Reduce, suppress, and often eliminate yield-limiting soil-borne pathogens.

HyprCycle+, when tank mixed with TidalGrow Oceanic, has been proven profitable and is building long-term sustainable practices. Decomposed crop residues recover nutrients for the next crop while improving soil structure and organic matter content. The crop residue feeds an active microbe community, enabling higher yields with lower crop inputs next season.

By incorporating HyprCycle+ and Oceanic into producers’ operations, nutrients are unlocked during the “dormant” season. We are recycling nutrients versus decomposing residue, although the fungal properties will pull nutrients from the residue (mostly K) and make it plant available. If a producer has covers, or wheat, etc. growing, then you are able to feed that plant as well. By providing plant available nutrients to the crop, we are able to increase BRIX and multiply microbial populations. This will help in eliminating bad fungal properties from developing in the spring (like rust, Pythium, etc.). Early growth of weeds will be significantly suppressed.

This program is based on the principle that maximum microbial diversity provides the foundation for healthy, profitable, and resilient crops. HyprCycle+ is the broad-spectrum microbial inoculant and Oceanic is the fungi dominant food that re-establishes the healthy soil microbial diversity and large active populations.

Healthy soil microbe communities provide a myriad of beneficial functions, including balanced and timely plant nutrition, improved photosynthetic efficiency, increased plant immune function, and improved physiological efficiencies. When plants achieve proper biologically supported nutrition, most production problems naturally go away.


Crop: All

Recommendation Year: 2023

Yield Goal: N/A

Total Acres: N/A

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