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Ag1 Growers are part of a worldwide community of farmers, consultants, producers, input agriculture retailers, and independent retailers who are committed to regenerative farming practices. Members of the community have access to market insights, soil analysis, product information, and strategies for proven results. In the marketplace, members can order or sell products directly from the AG1 platform while maintaining their chosen margins.

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The TopSoil Tool

Technology and agriculture working together to aggregate bio verified soil input data and produce a proven strategy to improve soil health, increase yields, and support regenerative agriculture.

topsoil tool

Agronomic insights and consulting

  • Broadacre data points

  • Proven soil analysis

  • Largest carbon analysis data bank

  • Connection with Nori, Indigo Ag

  • Strong relationship with ag retail

  • New-age distribution channels

Software as a service with custom solutions

  • Integrated web-platform

  • The first to quantify soil health

  • Sustainability data tracking

  • Agronomic recommendations

  • Proven sustainability to end user

  • Secure

Supply chain integration

  • Input ordering platform

  • Margins are paid instantly

  • Specific in-field guidelines

  • Recommendations based on samples

Value Added Markets