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GHP DRY HG – AG is a natural product rich in soil organic matters and humic substances. It receives no chemical or biological treatments during manufacturing. This product can be applied to soil as a soil amendment. Soil organic matters and humic substances have been proven to improve the quality of soil, growth of soil organisms, and uptakes of nutrients by plants.

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GHP DRY HG – AG is high in humic acid (> 80%), while low in heavy metals and other toxins. GHP DRY HG -AG is a raw product that receives no chemical nor biological treatment and can be applied directly to the soil. It has a larger granule size more suited to agricultural applications. GHP DRY HG – AG has a variety of uses, from improving soil structure, increasing nutrient availability to enhancing reclamation and remediation practices.

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Container Variation Size

50 Pound Bag, Tote-2000 Pound, Tote-2205 Pound

Organic or Non Organic Organic
Crops All Crops
What is the shelf life? 1 year
Does this product require refrigeration? No
Application Rates and Mixing Instructions 100 - 400 lbs per acre (112 - 448 kg/ha) / year, applied once in fall for next year growing season.Note: Soil tests are recommended, and rates may vary due to soil and plant conditions. GHP DRY HG – AG is not soluble in water.
Is this product liquid or dry? Dry
Safety and Storage Instructions Keep out of reach of children Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area Wear respiratory protection
What Specific Problems or Conditions Does this Product Solve? Its primary use is to improve soil structure and to aid nutrient uptake.
Legal Product Registered States All States

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